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Meanwhile, you can read 7 techniques
to motivate your child

This method was proven by moms

There are many ways you can introduce IT, robotics and coding basics to your child. You will definitely find something inspiring for your child from the checklist below!

1. Get an age appropriate Robotics/STEM toys (Cody Rockey, Dash and Dots, Code-a-Pillar or other). Choose the toy together online or in store and explain how it works and how people can make toys move and perform commands.

2. Watch videos about AI and machine learning, like this one.

3. Download ScratchJr app for tablet and show the collages and stories a 5+ child can create (

4. Get Tynker subscription for the monthly STEM packages delivery (

5. Attend STEM events for kids as often as possible:


CoderDojo - Connecting buttons to the Raspberry Pi (Scratch, Python)

Project Nights MeetUp (Python)

Introduction to locks and physical security systems

Open Time - Open Fun

Arduino Fun Projects (9+)

CoderDojo - Connecting buttons to the Raspberry Pi (7+)

Drones and R/C Interest Group

USA Science&Engineering Festival

National Math Festival

… search for more events in your area

6. Get social together. Create a Youtube and Instagram accounts for your child, where he can share his projects. Social Media motivates kids to be creative and produce something all the time for the next post, and they become so excited when they get likes on the videos.

7. If your child is fan of Minecraft, that would be very helpful as well - he can create his own Minecraft 3D game in Scratch or Python.