Free STEM workshops for Kids
Have you ever noticed your kid gets excited while using a cell phone or a computer and loves to play games, watching cartoons and entertain? You should take one step ahead and let your child's interest become his passion, successful career and a life full of achievements. Let your child become more productive this winter in IT. In this article, we are going to tell you about Microsoft STEM Workshops for Kids. There are plenty of workshops suggested by Microsoft for the whole year. So let's start to get to know more about it.
Microsoft Workshops Types
Free Microsoft Workshops for teachers, parents, students, and educators are organized by Microsoft timely. There are also one-hour workshops where they teach you how to make programs using Microsoft coding tutorials, and give skills and aware you about the tools that can help throughout the future. Here is the list of the programs that are usually offered through the online Microsoft store.

Code your own football game
In the STEM workshop of two hours, Students(8+ y.o) create a football game by using blocks with Make code Arcade. The workshop involves the basic concepts of coding and programming.

Create a robot less ordinary
Students(8+ y.o) begin to learn coding and robotics that are inspired by the different passions of all NFL players. Students become productive and creative when they are with the Ohbot robot and the Ohbot app for window 10

Free workshop for students
All the educators and students can attend the free workshops where they will determine how Microsoft office 365 features can encourage you to prepare your notes, presentation, and files professionally.

Harry Potter Creative Coding Workshops
They have designed interesting workshops for Kids from 6 to 8 to let them learn initial and primary concepts of programming through the Harry Potter coding kit. If your child is one of the harry potter lovers. He will be interested in this workshop.

STEM Saturdays
It is the kind of workshop for the parents where parents can view the projects that are designed by their little kids from 11 to 14 y.o. They appreciate the younger students in the STEM Saturdays that usually held on every Saturday.

Procedure - How to find your local workshop
Upon clicking on any of the Microsoft Workshops categories, you can find an online Microsoft store that is near to your residence.
After selecting the location, you will see the current event on the list if they offer the workshops in your location.
The detail includes time, date, workshop category, and type. You can add your desired event on your calendar and can easily attend any of the STEM workshops that are currently offered.
Microsoft offers different workshops related to business, education and Microsoft program tools throughout the year in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe, etc. Be sure to check the nearest programming store to find a suitable workshop according to your needs.

'Discovering Windows 10 & Office' workshop 2020
Microsoft is offering 60 minutes workshop monthly for everyone including kids, juniors, teachers, parents, and educators. Click here, and register yourself for the workshop in advance.

Also you might be interested in learning about free online platforms where kids can learn coding themselves

Computer Programming Classes For Kids At Kiddy Coders
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To keep your child excited Kiddy Coders is running internal competitions on a quarterly basis and rewarding every participant.

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