3-week Web Development Course for Kids 8 y.o. and up
Create Your Own Website
Starts on August 18 at 6pm EST
Live online instructions + homework
By the end of the course your child will
Learn the basics of HTML
Webpage structure, layout, background images, links, creating tables, and lists.
Learn the basics of CSS
Webpage style and formatting.
Learn the basics of JavaScript
How to make your website alive by adding factionality to it.
Create a webpage
Wanted to make a website and implement some of your ideas? Now you will learn how to embody it!
Our mission is to give kids the opportunity to unlock their potential and creativity

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course (9 y.o. and up)
Create Your Own Webpage

The course starts on August 18 at 6pm EST.
A week before it starts we will send you an email with the instructions.
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