Basics of Mobile App Development
Professional course for kids 10y.o. and up
Course Overview
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Developing a mobile application process consists of several steps. Depending on a student's skills the course takes 30 to 35 lessons. The course is divided into 3 parts. Students develop at least 3 applications by the end of the course.

Tuition for the course is $190/month (one-one-one lessons) and $95/month (Group lessons with up to 3 students in a group).
That includes:
- once a week lessons per 60 min
- virtual classrooms where we keep assignments, announcements, lesson recordings and where students can communicate with the teachers
- certificates of completion
- internal competitions with gifts mailed to all participants
- performance tracking
- chat for students and parents
- online homework help between the lessons
Mobile Application Examples
Part 1-2
Part 3
This is Romi, she is 10 y.o.
Recently she developed her first Mobile App!
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