jan 30, 2020
Python For Kids A Fun Introduction To Programming
Python is an easy-to-learn, stable and high-level programming language as compared to other programming languages.
We can give different sets of instructions to the computer through programming. It is the best choice to let your child(10+) start learning to code with python and enter the world of programming. There are uncountable reasons why the ratio of learning Python is increasing day by day, especially in kids and python has got a place in the Top Ten Programming Language of 2020. In Python, a kid can easily read commands like English words instead of complicated binary functions 0s and 1s. Sounds good? Yes, this actually makes it fun, interesting and simple coding language for kids to understand the concepts of Python without having a lot of programming experience.
Programmers love to use Python for designing web and application because it is easy to understand and reliable even for beginners.
Python Basic Concepts
There are three basic concepts of Python that are taught by teachers at the basic level.

As we are unable to understand an English sentence without proper grammar and spelling. In the same situation with the computer, we need to use a programming language in a proper way to tell the computer to perform any action. The syntax is the essential way to layout commands properly in programming language.

The variable is the datatype of python which can change the output of the programming. There are different data types in Python like Numbers, List, Tuple, Strings, Dictionary, etc. There is an implicit relationship between variables and output. The nature of output depends on the variable type.

The loops can be used for repeating any action again and again from 1 to infinity for a specific time period that you set through coding. When we have a long block of code, a loop can help us to save our time and perform repetitive actions.
Resources for kids to learn Python
There are different resources including books and websites from where a child can start to learn Python in the easiest way. Here is the list of resources to start learning Python for kids

Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming
Teach Your Kids to Code: A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming
Python For Kids For Dummies
Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python
Hello Raspberry Pi!: Python programming for kids and other beginners

Python Language
Python Games For Kids
Python Language Online
Use of Python Language in Business intelligence and data analytics
The usage of Python language is increasing in business development and data analytics. Python can be used in all types of business including business startup or growing business. A small group of engineers can speed up the workflow of a new start-up business by using Python's simple but capable syntax. Large companies are willing to turn to Python for enhancing their productivity and processing data sets by using machine learning algorithms.
There are a lot of uses of Python language in web development, machine learning, data science, game and app development, entertainment, and natural language processing, etc

E.g whether you are trying to design a food ordering app, social media app similar to Facebook, driver booking apps like Uber, game-like PUBG or any e-commerce platform like Amazon, or Shopify. It can be your great startup with Python.
How to get started with Python

Option 1
Download Python latest program from (https://www.python.org/) to your laptop or home computer and start learning the program. If you are facing any trouble downloading the program. You can watch the tutorial on How to download python's latest program on the computer.

Option 2
Are you looking for a separate online Python course for kids? Sign up your child for a free Python lesson at Kiddy Coders.

The lessons include basic Python concepts like variables, comments, operators, DMAS concepts, common calculations and much more. The student covers one specific lesson each week with exercises and projects to hold a grip on a specific topic. There are separate online chats for all the students where they can share their ideas and projects with each other and get Python homework help.